Opening a Lodge

The opening of a Lodge is a Ceremony, but do we really consider what it means? Let us start by considering the roles of the three principal officers: • The Junior Warden represents the instinctive man, who has been refined by learning the moral code set out in the First Degree. • The Senior Warden represents the thinking man, who is improved by education. • The Worshipful Master represents the spiritual man, whose whole being has been developed through contemplation. Amongst the assistant officers, the Tyler confirms that the Lodge is protected from improper interruption, so the Brethren may relax. The Inner Guard, who is the only person to communicate with that outer world, confirms that all is well. The Junior Warden confirms that the Junior Deacon is there to deliver messages from the Worshipful Master, which he, as Junior Warden, has to comply with. To put this another way, the instinctive man has become subordinate to the spiritual. The Senior Warden confirms that the Senior Deacon is there to bring to him the messages and commands of the Worshipful Master. The thinking man too, has become subordinate to the spiritual. The Junior Warden then acknowledges his duties, especially in respect of the summoning of the Brethren to and from labour. So that, through a balance between labour and contemplation, and ensuring that the physical needs of the body are provided, which is his especial responsibility, profit and pleasure will result.